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Personalised maths and English course

Ignite learning with our Key Stage 2 Maths and English Course! Engaging animations, personalised tests, and teacher support create a dynamic education journey. Boost your child's confidence and skills for a bright academic future.

Interactive Videos

Follow KSOL characters through time, meeting historical figures and learning on the way!

Personalised Tests

Daily online tests in maths and English are designed to target any individual areas for improvement and build confidence in core subject knowledge.

Allocated Teacher

An allocated KS2 teacher will be assigned to your child. Helping you every step of the way!

Achieve Success

Utilising our tried and tested personalised course!


Animated Videos

Embark on a captivating journey today. Join Amit, Olivia, Aria, and Leo as they are transported through time to help iconic historical figures unravel complex maths and English challenges. Be part of an educational adventure that brings history, learning, and fun together like never before!


A course like no other!

Animated videos, qualified teacher access, personalised tests, interactive workshops and detailed feedback are all included in our Key Stage 2 Maths and English course.


Each course is personalised to your child, pinpointing their weaker areas and improving their knowledge using our target-teach® technology.


The learning journey begins with engaging animated video lessons that take children on a time-travelling adventure, teaching key English and maths topics in an entertaining manner.


Benefit from the guidance of a qualified key stage 2 teacher available to assist both you and your child throughout the entire course.

Virtual Lessons

Opt-in to participate in virtual face-to-face workshops with qualified teachers using interactive boards, HD video conferencing and live quizzes.


Access comprehensive, step-by-step explanations that are automatically saved on your dashboard after each test.





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